Run the

River bank run

with campus ministry

and help us raise support to continue servings college students!

Click below to jump to any section for more information, or learn more about the race itself at The river bank run site.

So, how does this work?

We're so grateful and excited you want to run with us! This landing page should have all the information you need, or simply email (or contact a staff member) if you have any questions. Let's do this thing! Or, as the college students say, "SLAYYYYY!"
Step 1: Fill out our Google form & register for the race. We walk you through exactly how to do that below!
Step 2: Start Training! 
Step 3: Raise Support. We'll have all the information for that below!
Step 4: Final Details Before the Race. We have some details about how it's all going to go down! Find those in the section below.

I'm ready to register! How do I do that?

(make sure you complete ALL the following steps!)

1) Fill out Campus Ministry's Google Form letting us know you're IN!
2) Register for the Race with the River Bank Run:
  • Click this link to get to the registration page.
  • Click Register NOW in the top left corner of the home page.
  • Click ‘sign up’ top left corner.
  • “Sign In”: Either login with an existing RunSignup account or create one and sign in
  • Fill out personal information
  • Select which race you’re participating in and click “continue”
  • Select “Join an existing team” and scroll down on the dropdown bar to “Campus Ministry @ GVSU” and click “continue”
  • Select t-shirt size and enter emergency contact information
  • DO NOT select to donate to one of the charity or fundraiser options. We are doing our fundraiser removed from the systems of the River Bank Run
  • Select if you’d like to buy a customized medal. (Everyone gets a participation one!)
  • Enter in your results notifications contact info
  • Enter payment information
  • Submit!

I'm registered! Let's start Training!

I've got my training plan. let's raise some support!

  • Your job will be to ask people donate to CM in support of your run! For example: "Aunt Linda, will you donate $5 to CM for every kilometer I run in the River Bank Run?"
  • We know this may be a daunting task. We will be hosting a webinar (that will also be recorded and sent out) about how to raise money in this format. People do it ALL the time and are really successful, we just have to learn how!

the race is upon us! What do I need to know in the final days?

  • Attend Pre-Race Team Dinner May 10: Time and location TBD!
  • Meet us at the starting line May 11!
  • Take after our friend Forrest Gump & "Run, Forrest, Run!!"