CM FALL BREAK 2022 // PORTAGE LAKE BIBLE CAMP // ONEKAMA, MI // October 21-23, 2022

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what is CM FALL BREAK?

This is our 1st CM Fall Break trip, and we're so excited about it!! More specific information will come, but what you need to know now is that it will be a weekend to get out of Grand Rapids with some friends, go hang out at an awesome camp up north, and meet a bunch of new friends!

We figured out transportation, lodging, food, and all the details...all you need to do is come!!

Costs will be $75 for new students (freshmen, transfers, etc.) & $100 for everyone else.

People always say "I wish Spring Break trips were in the Fall because now I have such great community and school is almost over!" we made it happen! And if you're new, this trip is intentionally structured to be a place to meet new friends and find community!

INTERESTED IN going on fall break with cm?

Simply fill out the form below saying "I'm interested" and we'll reach out to you soon with more information!!

Please contact Tanner with any questions!!

Other information/Q&A

How much does CM Fall Break Cost?
For any new students to GVSU this year (freshmen, transfers, etc.), this trip costs $75! For everyone else, only $100 for the whole weekend!

How do we get to CM Fall Break? Where are we staying? General travel info?
As travel information gets finalized, it will be communicated to you. What you can expect: everyone on the trip will meet at GVSU in the evening on Friday, October 21. You will leave your car there, hop on a bus with the rest of us, and we will head up to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp in Onekama, MI. We will be on site the entire weekend, then bus you back down midday on Sunday, October 23. All this is included in the cost of the trip!

How do I make a payment?
More information on payment is coming soon 🙂

I'm in a tough spot financially, and but I really want to go. What would you suggest?
We do NOT want money to be the reason you can't go to CM Fall Break! We have come up with a list of some ideas/suggestions for fundraising for Spring Break trips, and most, if not all, of these ideas are applicable to CM Fall Break as well. If you really find yourself in a tough spot, please talk to us and we will see what we can come up with.

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