Allendale LEadership teams 
2024 - 2025


Team description

This team is made up of upperclassmen students (sophomores +) who are committed to pursuing Jesus and pointing others to him as well. Leaders will lead a discussion based on the teaching at The Well for a group of students each week, while building community and “doing life” together as growing disciples of Jesus Christ. We are looking for Allendale Life Group Leaders who:
  • Are committed to following Jesus and become more like him in their attitudes and actions
  • Have a passion to care for Life Group members, create a hospitable environment, build meaningful relationships, and walk with them as they grow in their relationships with Jesus 
  • Will commit to attend LG Team Gatherings and other CM Leadership trainings and events
  • Will commit to walk alongside peers in life circumstances and times of crisis, offering resources and support along the way
  • Love the Bible and want to learn more along with their Life Group
  • Will commit to attend The Well regularly and encourage/bring their Life Group with them (6PM or 8PM on Sundays)
  • Will commit to be discipled/mentored by an intern

Time commitment & ReSPONSIBILITIES

  • Attend and participate in Life Group Team Gatherings 2 times per month on Sunday from 4-6 before The Well
  • Lead a Life Group once a week for approximately 2 hours (Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thurs evening) using the Life Group Study Guide
  • The Well and LG’s function like a lecture-lab model. LG is lab after the lecture (The Well)
  • 1-2 hrs per week for one-on-one meetings with Life Group members (as needed, at least once per semester between you and your co-leader)
  • Regular and consistent attendance at The Well in Allendale 6PM or 8PM
  • Regularly attend CM and LG events and invite your Life Group to come too!
  • Communicate regularly through phone, text, GroupMe and email with staff, interns, and Life Groups Team

Celevitationality team

team description

What is Celevitationality? Celebration, invitation, and hospitality, all combined into one word. Think of Campus Ministry as your living room - it is our space and we get to make it what it is! Welcome people, host them well, and celebrate who God has made them to be. Be invitational about what the community of CM has to offer. Especially in a world plagued by negativity and criticism, bring the celebration culture that CM is!! By joining this team, you are committing to welcoming and getting to know students who attend The Well & CM events, learning how to be missional to go out and be celevitational in your spheres of influence, and helping host & participate in various CM events throughout the year.
  • Qualifications for team members:
    Have a desire to commit to and grow in relationship with Jesus.
  • A passion for and/or a desire to grow in shining the light of Christ both inside and outside of CM by:
    • Celebrating how Jesus is working in people’s lives & through our ministry.
    • Inviting others into the story God is writing in their lives & into community through Campus Ministry.
    • Embracing hospitality at CM events, services, and elsewhere.
  • Willingness to strive to live out the CM Leadership Covenant.

Time commitment & RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Weekly 2 hour team meeting (Tuesdays 5:00-7:00pm)
  • Sunday nights at The Well, 5:30pm-7:45pm or 7:30pm-9:45pm
  • Attend and host CM social events.


team descriptions

This team has often been described as “The hidden gem of Campus Ministry Leadership teams.” The Well team meets with Ben and other CM Staff who teach at The Well to read and study the Bible together, pray, dream, and craft the teachings for The Well. The Well Team also helps brainstorm creative ways to shape the worship experience and culture of The Well. This team helps set-up, clean up, and implement the worship experience at The Well in Allendale each week. No previous experience or Biblical “expertise” necessary, but get ready for some fun and enjoy a “sneak peak” of what goes on behind the scenes of The Well.

Time commitment & RESPONSIBILITIES

  •  Weekly 2 hour planning meeting Tuesdays 12:00-2:00pm in AL
  •  Sunday nights at The Well for one of the following options:
    • 5:00-8:15 pm (For the 6pm Well)
    • 6:45-9:45 pm (For the 8pm Well)


team description

The Marketing and Media team are culture curators and storytellers through the art of communication. These students use their creative and/or administrative gifts to spearhead outgoing writing and media about Campus Ministry and the work God is doing here. Whether you’re experienced or not, we can help you learn the ways of both clear and consistent written and visual excellence.
We are looking for students who are:
  • Interested and/or gifted in visual communication like:
    • Photography and/or photo editing (personal camera not required!)
    • Videography and/or video editing (personal camera not required!)
    • Graphic design
    • May have experience with Adobe software like Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva
  • Interested and/or gifted in written communication
  • Are willing to work and learn alongside M&M interns and staff to accomplish CM’s communication and visual content needs
  • Have a desire to commit to and grow in their relationship with Jesus, and steward their gifts to make Him known

time commitment & responsibilities

  • Bi-weekly Marketing and Media Team meeting Thursdays from 12-2pm.
  • Bi-weekly meeting with your intern for spiritual formation and leadership development.
  • Schedules may vary based on your gifts and interests! The best use of your time can be determined alongside of M&M staff, but could include tasks like: 
    • Writing the weekly email
    • Photographing The Well, Reunion, or other events
    • Creating graphics and/or reels for Instagram
    • Creating the slides for The Well
    • Writing captions and maintaining a posting schedule
    • Logo Design
    • And more! ;)

young life team

team description

Are you a little curious as to how GV Young Life fits into the whole scheme of what CM does? Well, as you know, we want to engage college students with the life-changing love of God. Now, what about students who might not be prompted to just show up to The Well or join an in-depth Bible study? How can we create opportunities for students to still be engaged while meeting them where they are at? This is precisely the mission of Young Life. To give you a little more info…

At Young Life, we invite college students to experience community, adventure and significance. Our mission, together with Campus Ministry, is to introduce college students and young adults to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. 

Young Life leaders are Jesus-loving college students and young adults who come to share hope, fun, & friendship. We strive to make others feel seen, known, and loved. Building relationships is at the heart of what we do. We don’t start relationships with the right to be heard/listened to - we have to earn it! We want GV YL to be a place to connect with a community of college students exploring Christianity in a fun, open, and safe gathering. By joining this team, you are committing to helping plan and carry out our weekly gathering called Club, being a part of a YL Life Group, intentionally connect with students outside of scheduled programming (aka Contact Work), and learning how to be invitational and hospitable at YL and in all the other places that you find yourself in! Young Life offers positive and life-changing experiences through weekly gatherings, weekend trips, curious conversations, and caring relationships.

Qualifications for team members:
  • Have a desire to commit to and grow in relationship with Jesus.
  • A passion for and/or a desire to grow in shining the light of Christ both inside and outside of YL by:
    • Inviting others into community
    • Creating comfortable and enjoyable experiences for/with others
    • Continuing to walk alongside others in when life gets tough
  • Willingness to strive to live out the CM Leadership Covenant

time commitment & responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in YL Club and leader meetings on Tuesday nights
  • Engage in and help lead YL Life Group
  • Engage in contact work, meeting up with students that you connect with at Club and around campus in the hopes of building meaningful relationships
  • Attend YL/CM co-sponsored events regularly





This team has a passion for music, but believes that worship is more than just music! This team seeks to glorify God in all they do, on and off stage. In partnership with the Productions team, they work to lead music and enrich the worship experiences at The Well, and occasionally other events.

We are looking for students who:
  • Are able to sing and/or play an instrument with a high level of skill
  • Want to glorify God - not themselves! in corporate worship

Time commitment & RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Individuals on this team will be scheduled to sing/play at The Well (1-2x/month). This entails:
    • Attending rehearsal - The Thursday prior from 7pm-9:30pm. 
    • Arriving Sundays at 3:30pm and playing both services
  • Thursday Discipleship Group (TDG) during one of your off-week Thursday nights (1x/month)
  • Worship Arts Team Gatherings (3x/semester)
  • Play/rehearse as needed for ReUnions



This team also has a passion for music, but not on-stage. Instead, they are the technical masterminds in the back of the room that make it all happen! These individuals will consistently work side-by-side with the Music team to serve our community by setting up equipment, running sound, projection, and livestream for CM events (primarily The Well)!

We are looking for students who:
  • Are passionate or interested in the technical elements of worship services
  • Have experience with a soundboard or other audio/visual technology OR have a willing spirit to learn.


  • Individuals on this team will be scheduled to serve at The Well (1-2x/month). This entails:
    • Attending rehearsal (tech training) The Thursday prior from 7pm-9:30pm
    • Arriving Sundays at 3:30pm and serving at both services
  • Thursday Discipleship Group (TDG) during one of your off-week Thursday nights (1x/month)
  • Worship Arts Team Gatherings (3x/semester)
  • Serving as needed for ReUnions

CM serve Task Force

If you become a CM Intern or Student Leader, you will have the opportunity to be part this group focused on service! This is a totally optional commitment in addition to your leadership role if you are interested. You will be able to indicate this on your Intern or Leadership application, and staff will follow up with more information later!
The Serve Task Force is a group of CM Student Leaders and Interns who have an interest in planning, coordinating, and/or hosting service projects alongside other organizations and ministries.  


  • This groups will have a 1.5 hour meeting monthly (first Thursday of each month, 1:00 - 2:30 PM)
  • This group will work together with the CM staff to help plan, promote, and participate in 2-3 service opportunities per semester