Resources: Sexual Struggle






- Blocking access using Screen Time on iPhone: block/restrict websites, apps, etc. on your iPhone by having an accountability partner set a passcode, limiting your access.
- Accountable2You (software): install a VPN on any devices (cell phone, computer, etc.) that doesn't block websites, but sends alerts to accountability partners for questionable activity.
- Brainbuddy (app): tool for re-wiring your brain to be stronger in everyday struggles against the way your brain sinfully thinks about sexuality.
- Covenant Eyes (software): accountability software to fight struggles with pornography.
- NetNanny (software): porn blocking for parents or adult users.
- Qustodio (app): porn blocking for parents or adult users.
- Brain Heart World: Three part documentary
- Red Light, Green Light: Documentary about sex trafficking and prostitution.
- Over18: An examination of porn’s effects on children, parents, and those filmed in porn.
- Pornland: How the Porn Industry Has Hijacked our Sexuality.
- The Sex Trade. A documentary on the sex industry. (National Film Board of Canada)
- Buying Sex. (National Film Board of Canada) 
- Conquer Series: a powerful cinematic study that is transforming the lives of men around the world.
- Culture Reframed: building resilience and resistance to hypersexualized culture; resources, tools for people of all ages.
- Go For Greatness: positive effects of quitting porn
- No Fap: community-based porn recovery.
- IITAP: International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals
- National Center on Sexual Exploitation
- Fight the New Drug: anti-pornography nonprofit organization
- XXXChurch: Accountability software, podcasts, articles, blogs, workshops, etc.