passion 2023 // Atlanta, GA // january 3-5, 2023

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what is passion?

Passion Conference is, as they would put it, "a gathering for 18-25-year-olds centered on the name and fame of Jesus." It happens every year, and thousands of college-aged students gather in one place to worship, learn about Jesus, and build community.

For us, it is also an awesome opportunity for a boost into second semester, and a chance to meet more people in the CM community. We LOVE going to Passion, and we hope you'll join us! A group of 50 of us from CM will take a bus down to Atlanta, stay in a hotel, and attend the conference together.

More specific information about the conference can be found on Passion's Website & more information about CM's trip can be found in the "Other Info" section below.


Simply fill out the form below saying "I'm interested" and we'll reach out to you soon with more information!!

Please contact Tanner with any questions!!

Other information/Q&A

How much does CM's Passion Trip Cost?
This trip will cost $350, which includes transportation, lodging, a ticket for group seating with CM, and all meals besides travel meals & one dinner during the trip.

What are the payment policies for CM's Passion trip?
Our payment policies can be found here. With any questions, contact Tanner Rubin below!

Passion costs a lot of money for me. What would you suggest?
We do NOT want money to be the reason you can't go to Passion! We have come up with a list of some ideas/suggestions for fundraising for Spring Break trips, and most, if not all, of these ideas are applicable to Passion as well. If you really find yourself in a tough spot, please talk to us and we will see what we can come up with.

How do we get to Passion? Where are we staying? General travel info?
As travel information gets finalized, it will be communicated to you. What you can expect: everyone on the trip will meet at GVSU in the early morning hours of January 3, 2023. You will leave your car there, hop on a charter bus with the rest of us, and we will head down to Atlanta, arriving in the evening on the 3rd. We will be staying at the Residence Inn Atlanta Downtown for the duration of the trip, then leave on the morning of the 5th after the conference ends, arriving back to GVSU late at night or early in the morning on the 5th/6th! We book all the busses for you & it's included in the cost, you just need to sign up.

How do I track my money raised & forms I need to turn in?
We utilize a platform called Managed Missions to track fundraising & complete forms. If you don't already have an account, you will create one in the sign-up process!

How do I make a payment on Managed Missions?
To pay in person, bring cash/check to the CM Office (in the Cook-DeWitt Center) during office hours (checks made out to "Campus Ministry GVSU"). To pay online, login to your Managed Missions account, click on the "Passion 2023" trip, then click on "Pay For My Trip" in the top right corner under "Quick Actions."

If I choose to fundraise for Passion, how can people donate towards my trip?
If they want to pay with a check, they can mail a check (made out to Campus Ministry GVSU) to our offices (1 Campus Drive, Cook DeWitt Center, Allendale, MI 49401) - make sure they include "Passion [Your Name]" in the memo of the check! If they want to pay online, they can donate towards your public profile on Managed Missions. To learn how to set up a public profile, click here for a video tutorial (this is a video someone else made online - so it will not have the same info as you will have, of course)!

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