GRAND RAPIDS LEadership teams 
2023 - 2024

Are you interested in joining campus ministry Leadership next year?

1. Read over the CM Leadership Team descriptions below.
2. Attend CM@GR Leadership 101 on March 26! If you missed it, contact a staff member to get the information needed to proceed.
3. Complete the Leadership Application.
4. Carefully read and sign the CM Leadership Covenant (as a part of the Leadership Application).
5. After completing the application, contact the staff member overseeing team you applied for to schedule an interview!

If you have any questions, please email


This team is made up of students who are interested in hosting and leading a discussion based on the teaching at The Well for 6-8 students each week, while building community, “doing life,” and serving together.

We are looking for HouseGroup Leaders in Grand Rapids who:
  • Have a passion for and a desire to care for students in Grand Rapids while building meaningful relationships with them
  • Create a hospitable environment for students looking to belong in community
  • Desire to walk alongside peers in life circumstances and times of crisis 
  • Love the Bible and want to learn more along with their HouseGroup
  • Will commit to attend The Well Downtown regularly and encourage their HouseGroup to attend with them

Time commitment

  • HouseGroup Team Meeting (weekly from 5:00-6:30 on Sundays - dinner included!)
  • Lead a HouseGroup one day a week for two hours 
  • 1-2 hrs per week for one-on-one meetings with HouseGroup Members
  • 1 hr every-other week for discipleship with HouseGroup Intern
  • Regular attendance at the Well Grand Rapids 
  • Regularly attend CM@GR events and invite their House Group to attend with you
  • Participate in service opportunities one time per month

CM FIRE DEPARTMENT (ADMIN) TEAM (Allendale & GRand rapids)

*This is an intern-only team; more information can be found in the intern application process*
Did you know that Paul actually tells us in the Bible that administration is a spiritual gift? We believe that good systems & operations are important because when systems are functioning well, we can spend our time & energy caring for our people, not fixing problems & putting out fires! Might we even call ourselves the Campus Ministry Fire Department (CMFD)? In order to have longevity in our ministry, we need to plan ahead. This team will have the opportunity to play a significant role in CM operations, both learning how CM works “under the hood” and playing an integral role in “keeping the vehicle running.” This team will consist of 3 interns, each helping in one of the following areas under the care & guidance of CM Staff:
  • Financial/Database Management Operations (ChMS, or Church Management Software)
  • Reservations/Student Life Relations/Calendar & LakerLink Operations
  • Trip Management/Managed Missions Operations (Spring Break, Passion, Israel)

Note: this could be a great internship for many majors that have an internship requirement (Accounting, Business, Data Science, Hospitality, Nonprofit Admin, etc.). We will partner with GVSU for this internship to satisfy the requirements for your major.


Music Team // productions team


This team has a passion for music and worship, and, in partnership with the Productions team, works to enrich the worship experiences at The Well GR. Individuals on this team will be scheduled to sing or play 2 times a month.

This team is looking for people who are able to sing and/or play an instrument with a high level of skill.

Time commitment

  • Worship Arts Team Gatherings/Trainings 1-2 times per semester
  • Play/rehearse as needed for Reunions
  • Sunday Nights at The Well:
    • Rehearsal and Dinner from 4:00-7:00 pm
    • Play at the Well from 7:00-9:00 pm on weeks you are scheduled


This team is responsible for setting up equipment, running sound and projection for CM events (primarily the Well Downtown)! This team will consistently work side-by-side with the Music team to serve our community.

Having experience with a soundboard or other audio/visual technology is beneficial, but not required. Most importantly, these are students who are willing to learn and be trained in the technical elements of CM events!


  • Worship Arts Team Gatherings/Trainings 3-4 times per semester
  • Reunions 3:00-11:00 pm when scheduled
  • Sunday Nights at The Well:
    • Rehearsal and Dinner from 4:00-7:00 pm
    • Service from 7:00-9:00 pm on weeks you are scheduled